Hardshock Festival not authorised in 2020

The 8th edition of the Hardshock Festival is scheduled for 23 May 2020. After a one-year absence, in 2019 the festival returned to this wild location in the middle of the woods of Hellendoorn. The organisation looked back to a very successful edition and full of optimism started organising the 8th edition of the Hardshock Festival.


To our enormous regret and completely against expectations, the Municipality of Hellendoorn has definitively stipulated that it sees no future for the Hardshock Festival at this location. This means that we as an organisation are not being given authorisation to organise the Hardshock Festival in Hellendoorn on 23 May 2020.


The organisation regrets this very much. We were convinced that we had found a location where we could continue to indulge our passion: organising the Hardshock Festival. For now we wish to thank all visitors, crew and artists and we hope to be able to welcome you to somewhere again in the future.



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