all you need to know

Here you can find all the info you need to know about Hardshock Festival. If you any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We try to help you as soon as possible with all your questions.

general info

The superior stronghold has been found! Brace yourselves for a Hardshock Festival experience unlike any other! On June 1st, 2019, we're going to show you what we're made of at our unique new location in the woods! Prepare yourself for Hardshock Festival!


We are super excited and proud to announce that Hardshock Festival 2019 will include 7 stages that span across ALL spectrum's of Hardcore. Here's the complete time-table for Hardshock Festival 2019!


Tickets for Hardshock Festival are on sale for €39,50 (ex. fee) and are available in our ticketshop at hardshockfestival.com. Our official ticketpartner is Paylogic. If you have any questions about your tickets, please contact Paylogic Customer Service.

shuttle service

We have a speciale shuttle service for all the visitors who are coming by public transport. This shuttle service is from CS Nijverdal to the festival and back. Tickets costs online in the presale €8,- (retour) and €10,- cash in CS Nijverdal.


There is plenty of parking space next to the event terrain. Parking tickets are available at the parking entrance and in pre-sale. You can get them in our ticketshop for € 10,-.

tokens and atm

There will be no ATM on the festival itself, but it’s possible to purchase your tokens and merch with PIN, creditcard or cash.


​This wonderful new location in the middle of the woods is one of the most beautiful festival locations available in the Netherlands. Open your minds and follow the booming echos that weave ferociously through the trees. Be mindful, you must be careful not to get lost - there are many paths to take. Each one will lead you to Hardcore secrets of epic proportions. The question is, are you ready for what you'll find?

minimum age

Please note! We know you young kids love Hardcore too, but the minimum age for Hardshock Festival is 16 years. Attention: You have to bring your ID!


Do you want to change your personal information on your ticket or do you want another name on the ticket you bought? Thats possible! Click here to change this.

navigation address

The address of our brand new location in the woods is 'Luttenbergerweg, Haarle - Hellendoorn'. Please make sure you follow the signs if you are traveling by car to our festival.


We love to see our proud Hardcore soldiers weaved throughout the crowds! Want to join the hardest of the Hardcore crews? Then don't forget to get your Hardshock Festival merchandise! Show us that you support our passion, we'll be looking for you! www.hardshockmerchandise.com

hearing protection

You have only got one pair of ears, so be careful with those. Make sure you wear hearing protection. Also don’t stand to close by speakers, because you can suffer from hearing loss afterwards.


You can visit Hardshock from 11:00 hrs till 23:00 hrs @ Hellendoorn Woods.


Unfortunately we can't sell cigarettes at Hardshock Festival. Buy your cigarettes before you come to our festival.

public transport

If you're traveling by public transport, you have to go travel to 'Nijverdal'. Check www.ns.nl or www.9292.nl before you travel by train for a travel advice and the current depart- and arrival times. There will be a special shuttle service from CS Nijverdal to the festival and back.


There will be lockers available at Hardshock Festival. We work with electronic lockers and you can pay by pin/cash on the festival itself.


Small Locker: €7,-

Big Locker: €9,-


We want to party with ALL of our Hardcore brothers and sisters from all over the world so we've made a special travel page on our website to make getting them here a little easier! Head over to our special travel page to explore your options!

zero tolerance

The organization conforms themselves to the local policy of the Police. This means they handle a 'Zero Tolerance' policy.